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Returning to India

My education has undoubtedly shaped me into who I am today, but I did not fully realize the power of an education until I stood in a classroom on a warm spring day in India two years ago. The classroom was full of 10-year-old girls who recited their classroom commandments to me. With sparkling eyes and booming voices, they declared: I am not inferior to anyone. I shall be the leader wherever I am. I shall do what I love and be different. I shall always think…

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Restoring the Past, Healing the Present

Last year, PLNU psychology professor Dr. Dan Jenkins was invited to preach at a Thanksgiving Day service. Considering what to share, he felt prompted to write a letter of gratitude to his father, to then read during the service. “Dear Dad,” Jenkins began, his father beaming in the second row. “I have never written a letter of gratitude to you before.” Jenkins thanked his father for blessings great and small. He thanked him for wrestling together on the living room oor when Jenkins was a…

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Q&A with Sam Kwapong

Sam Kwapong, director of the Office of Multicultural and International Student Services, oversees the programming and leadership development of all the MOSAIC student affinity clubs on campus, as well as the personal development of all international students. Recently, he played a key role in planning the student-led diversity forum, an annual campus event. We sat down with Sam to learn a little more about his work with students. Q: What experiences in your life led you to this role? A: To be in this role,…

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Athletics: Summer 2016

Q&A with New Head Coach for Women’s Basketball Lisa Faulkner exudes confidence when it comes to basketball and player development. Coming off her fourth season as Boston College’s assistant coach, PLNU’s new head coach for women’s basketball seems as enthused as ever about becoming part of the community, developing the team, and planning on winning the PacWest Championship. Below is an excerpt from a 30-minute question-and-answer session with the Viewpoint. Q: Tell me how you got started in coaching? A: When I was a senior…

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