Athletics: First Active Year in NCAA–First NCAA Tournament Win

BY KAYLE FIELDS After spending 26 successful years in NAIA’s Golden State Athletic Conference, including earning 43 regular season championships and introducing eight players and coaches into the NAIA Hall of Fame, PLNU was ready to face a new challenge: the NCAA. PLNU decided to pursue candidacy for the highly competitive NCAA Division II in the summer of 2012. “We saw some schools in our conference making a move,” Athletic Director Ethan Hamilton noted. “We felt the NAIA was changing and we made a proactive…

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student experience cropped

From Shy Guy to Champion: Scenes from the Mind of a Debater

BY NICHOLAS KJELDGAARD Scene one: June 4, 2011 The final day of the tournament. Still in high school, I’m sitting on the stage in PLNU’s Crill Auditorium with my debate partner, anxiously waiting. The lights beat down and the auditorium buzzes. Finally, silence settles over the large crowd. The semi-final round of the national Tournament of Champions begins. We’ve debated public policy for the past three days. The debate topic: missile defense systems near Russia. Nerves are always there—but I was a nervous wreck when…

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David Phillips

BY WENDY ROBINSON In Apple Valley, Calif., a volunteer deputy sheriff heaved a sorrowful sigh before walking up to a house belonging to a family that had just lost their child in a drunk driving accident. It wasn’t his first experience delivering this type of news. Over his 10 years as a deputy sheriff, he would walk up to many doors of families in similar circumstances. Whether it was sharing the news of a suicide or answering a domestic violence call, it was the deputy…

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Ebola is Real - cropped

Fighting Ebola by Changing the Soil

BY WENDY ROBINSON When Pieter Baker (10) first stepped foot on Sierra Leone soil in November 2014, it did not look as though Ebola had spread. Civilians lined the streets in the marketplaces, selling and buying goods. People rode bicycles with calm demeanors. It was business as usual. Other than the large red signs plastered on every street corner reading, “Ebola is real,” the place didn’t look like the site of an epidemic that had been killing thousands. Though he knew there were a high…

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Q&A with Deborah Erickson

Dr. Deborah Erickson, dean of the School of Education, has been on faculty at PLNU since 2013, after serving 11 years in faculty and leadership positions at the Graduate School of Education at California Lutheran University. In honor of the School of Education’s 100-year anniversary of preparing and graduating successful educators, we talked with Dean Erickson to learn more about her background and the School of Education’s new program initiatives. Q: How did you personally come to choose education and now education administration as your…

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James - headline

The “Not-Me-but-Thee” Generation

BY WENDY ROBINSON “Lazy, entitled, selfish, and shallow”—people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s are the “Me Me Me Generation,” according to a 2013 cover story in Time magazine. This generation, the largest since the Baby Boomers, is called the Millennials. According to Forbes magazine, there are an estimated 80 million Millennials in the U.S., and by 2020 they will comprise nearly half the nation’s workers. If this is the case, some questions arise: “Do they make good employees?” and more importantly, “Will…

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Servant-as-Leader-as-Servant: The Call to Servant Leadership

BY ANNA COX Here is Jesus, sharing the Passover meal with His disciples. He has created everything in that upper room. He invented the oak tree that made the table. He started the time that counts out the hours before His crucifixion. In His mind swirls the physics of the universe. He also spun the DNA of His disciples and shaped their hearts and feet, dirty feet that He washes. As He kneels—imagine, washing our feet—He takes off His outer garments and offers us this…

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