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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jill Hamilton-Bunch

by Liz Green Dr. Jill Hamilton-Bunch graduated from PLNU in 1990 with the desire to be a teacher, and that’s exactly what she’s done for the past 22 years—plus much more. Hamilton-Bunch lives in Bakersfield with her husband, Darin (90), and their 8-year-old Queensland shepherd, Franklin, who they rescued from the pound. Also a graduate of PLNU’s Department of Literature, Journalism, and Modern Languages (LJML), Darin pursued a career in journalism under the guidance of Dr. Dean Nelson. Jill, through the impact of her professors…

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Distinguished Achievement Award Winners

Rev. David Rodes (70) Rev. David Rodes experienced a call to the ministry at age 14. His passion for his call was bolstered by observing the examples set by his father and grandfather, who were both pastors. “They were love-filled, joyful servants of God,” Rodes said. His time at Pasadena College was also formative. “I gained so much knowledge and faith from my university experience,” he said. “I was profoundly influenced by [Drs.] Frank Carver and Reuben Welch. The grounding in biblical understanding and the…

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Leading with No Excuses: Damen and Dan Lopez

by Sharon Ayala When Dan (B.A. 92, M.A. 96) and Damen (B.A. 94, M.A. 98) Lopez were young, their family moved from Los Angeles to the rural, small town of Julian, Calif., “for a better life.” They had grown up in “situational poverty,” said Dan, living over the town’s market in the only apartment in Julian at the time. Each night, after closing, the family would migrate downstairs to clean the store for extra money. Each night, before the boys would go to bed, their…

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Talking Point: Q&A with Steve Rodecker

About Perspectives on Science Perspectives on Science (POS) is a monthly seminar series for science teachers. The seminar typically focuses on recent developments in the guest scientist’s area of expertise with particular emphasis on aspects relevant to science teachers. The 2012-13 line-up includes five members of the National Academy of Sciences: Terrence Sejnowski, David Sandwell, J. William Schopf, Don Cleveland, and Andrew Viterbi. About Steve Rodecker Steve Rodecker has been a regular attendee at POS since its inception and has recently become a POS financial…

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Individual Athletic Achievements in PLNU’s History

by Michael Dean Clark As we begin our first year in the NCAA Division II, we want to look back at some remarkable achievements by athletes who competed for PLNU in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). You may notice that our top-10 list is composed of only nine individuals. That’s because we want you to nominate the 10th honoree. You might also notice that we haven’t ranked the achievements—that’s also your job! Please send your suggestions for the 10th individual and for the…

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