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Caring for Creation

BY ERIN SMITH Tie-dye? Jello? Whiteboard markers? Snorkel mask? Nametags? Watercolor paper? My mind ran through the needed supplies for the following day, just hours away, as I lay awake in bed, pretending to get some sleep before the week’s activities began. The past five months I had been preparing for this camp, and now, filled with anticipation, I again pondered the schedule, the stations left to set up, the staff introduction to the kids. As an environmental science major, I was first inspired to…

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Created Space

BY NICOLE FOUNTAS Each semester, PLNU’s discipleship ministries puts on Created Space, a large prayer and worship event that provides space for the student body to outwardly express creative means of spiritual growth and formation. More intimate manifestations of the event are monthly workshops that offer a small group of students the opportunity to develop a particular form of personal prayer. For December’s workshop, students gathered a few weeks before Christmas to express personal meanings of Advent through the medium of childhood arts and crafts.…

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Behind the Lens: Destin Daniel Cretton

BY ERIC YATES Storytelling and introspection is at the heart of everything that Destin Daniel Cretton (01) does. Whether it’s detailing the inner workings of a short-term foster-care facility, deep diving the San Diego indie music scene, or profiling the real-life coming-of-age saga about a 14-year-old living alternating lives as an emerging adolescent and a vassal in a medieval fantasy kingdom, the 35-year- old can see a story in just about anything. And he has used his gift of storytelling to produce a cadre of short and…

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Jeff Sullivan

BY TIFFANY MUSICK MATTHEWS When students ask PLNU professor and chair of the Department of Kinesiology Dr. Jeff Sullivan for career advice, he tells them to find what they’re passionate about and distinctly gifted in and use that to partner with God in what He’s doing. For Sullivan, this is more than advice; these are the words he lives by. “I feel incredibly and uniquely called to be a teacher,” he said. “It wakes me up in the morning.” As blessed as he feels to teach,…

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From the Archives

In this issue, we continue to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the move of Pasadena College to Point Loma. While this watershed moment in the school’s history presented a time of excitement and possibility, it also brought with it uncertainty and discomfort. Dr. Shelburne Brown, college president at the time of the move, understood that reality. He knew the change wouldn’t be easy, but remained obedient to God’s call and hopeful for the school’s future. The letter featured here, which was published in the campus…

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Talking point_GW

Q&A with George Williamson

We sat down with PLNU’s director of worship ministries to discuss his views on effective worship and what he hopes students take away from their time at PLNU.  Q: What is your understanding or practical theology of worship? A: In my early years of leading worship, I came across a book in which somebody examined the Old English word “weorthscipe.” It speaks about the recognition of worth. It was a helpful thought for me to hold in my mind as I figured out how I…

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Athletics: Spring 2014

Sea Lions Win in OT to Thrill Sold-out Homecoming Crowd BY DANNY BARNTS Hayden Lescault catches the ball at the top of the key. He fakes right and drives left. Time is winding down and the clock is below three seconds. Lescault has beaten his man but there is another defender waiting for him in the paint. Lescault gathers the ball to go up for the layup but the defender meets him in the air. Still the clock is ticking away. Lescault manages to see…

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