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Festival of Health

by Yessenia Soto-Roselle Senior Yessenia Soto- Rosselle has served at PLNU’s annual Festival of Health for the past three years. This free, community event is sponsored by the School of Nursing and held in San Diego’s City Heights neighborhood at Mid City Church of the Nazarene, which is also home to PLNU’s Health Promotion Center. As part of the senior leadership team for the School of Nursing this year, I was privileged to help plan this year’s Festival of Health, which brings the community together to learn, play, and interact. The student-run health information booths are an important part of the event. Students share their knowledge about important health topics with community members. Topics covered included physical and mental health, safety, nutrition, exercise, and hygiene. Many families are drawn to the event because of all the opportunities for their children to play. There were piñatas, bounce houses, and a crafts table. Involving the kids is so important to engaging the people of the neighborhood and serving them. Nursing students also performed free basic health assessments. As for me, one of my duties was conducting tours of the Health Promotion Center where I guided visitors through the facility and explained our services. My other role was to serve as a translator. I served as a liaison between students and our Spanishspeaking visitors. Overall, I probably translated for more than 30 people. One conversation with a gentleman from the community really struck a chord with me as he spoke of how our students […]

Q&A with Alan Hueth

by Christine Spicer Dr. Alan Hueth, professor of communication, has helped launch PLNU grads into the media for the past 11 years. Q: Where did your interest in communication and film begin? A: It started out in high school—being one of the editors for my high school newspaper, the South Pasadena Tiger, and getting some stories published in the local newspaper, the South Pasadena Journal. In college, I explored radio, film, and TV at Cal State Chico—where I did radio news for the local PBS radio station and some film and television work in classes. I produced a PSA that got on broadcast TV, and then upon graduation, I became a program director for a Christian radio station (KCVR) in Lodi, Calif. In 1981, I got a job at a production company that was part of George Fox College (now University). Q: Is that how you moved into teaching? A: At first, I was working with students at the college—they assisted me in doing contract documentaries, interview shows, and training and educational programs for for-profits and nonprofits. We did some music video production, sports—I produced over 40 college basketball games—and I was involved in shooting some short films. I wrote, produced, shot, and edited dozens of shows in the ’80s—often working with student production assistants— and that was fun. In ’89, I started teaching full time at Eastern New Mexico University and then went to the University of Dayton, where I also finished my Ph.D. in 1998. While I was […]

Nancy K. Murray

by Sharon Ayala In junior high school, Dr. Nancy K. Murray, professor of fashion and interior design, took her first sewing class. She made a basic skirt and was one of two students to receive an A. For her 16th birthday, she received her first quality sewing machine, with which she made a dress and jacket for her grandmother’s 50th anniversary party. She was captivated. Her first job in fashion was as a sales associate for Horne’s Department Store in Pittsburgh, where she later took a internship “on the lowest rung in the buying office.” But she jumped right in, sifting through stacks of industrial magazines like Women’s Wear Daily and then writing reports on trends. After weeks of coming home with newsprint on her hands, the research became her job. It was a valuable hole to fill. The idea of prophetic style (a term she now teaches in her fashion classes) means being able to recognize emerging trends in fashion before they happen, and it leaves little time for last minute decision-making. Providing meaningful research at the front end of the sales cycle is invaluable. Murray went on to earn her master’s degree in textiles, merchandising and design and her Ph.D. in human ecology (which would later become family and consumer sciences) from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT). What drew her to UT was her love of weaving. “I was fascinated by the technology of the loom,” said Murray, who showed her work at juried shows and completed […]

Athletics: Summer 2012

Honea Sweeps the Heptathlon For some athletes, the thought of specializing in more than one athletic event can be daunting. But for junior Lindsay Honea, it’s just another day at the track. Honea competes in the heptathlon, which is comprised of seven events: 100 meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 meter, long jump, javelin throw, and the 800 meter. “It puts together all aspects of: Can you control your body? Are you strong enough to throw? Can you jump? Are you fast? Do you have endurance?” explained Honea. “It puts together all these different elements within track.” In addition, Honea competes in many other events, including hurdles, relays, high jump, and long jump. And if simply competing in all of these isn’t impressive enough, her performance this season certainly is. At the inaugural PacWest Track and Field Championships, hosted by PLNU, Honea participated in a total of 16 events. She swept the heptathlon, winning in all seven events and setting personal records in four. She received the highest overall score of her athletic career, putting her in fourth place in the school’s top 10 for the heptathlon. And as a testament to her hard work, Honea received the award for PacWest Women’s Field Athlete of the Meet. Though pleased with her success at the meet, she admits there is one minor disappointment.                        “At the PacWest, I didn’t know I was 50 points off of the school record for […]

Gratitude that Costs

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Appreciation and Marriage: A Conversation with Joy Evans Peterson

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Instilling Gratitude in Children

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What Good is Gratitude? The Role of Thanksgiving in Personal Development

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Little Shop of Horrors

By Alyssa Salter Photos by Brittany Naylor As a junior theatre major, I was beyond excited when I found out that we were doing Little Shop of Horrors as the musical for our 2012-13 season.  In addition to getting to act in this great show, I also served as publicity manager. I knew it would be a lot of work. Building sets, finding props and costumes, and accommodating the space for a musical takes time, but I also knew that it would be fun work. The set was bright, almost illogically so, and the music was silly. If we did question the brightly colored set, then the set designer, Brian Redfern, would say “It’s a musical!” and, for some reason, that made total sense to everyone. For those not familiar with the play, Little Shop of Horrors is a musical comedy show about a florist working in the slums of Skid Row, Seymour Krelborn, who is lured by wealth, success, and getting the girl he idolizes by the man-eating plant, Audrey II, that promises him every desire of his heart. The musical is based on a black comedy film by the same name from 1960. Like Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and Goethe’s Faust, Seymour must decide what his “soul” is worth. This very pertinent message is packaged in a wildly fun rock ‘n’ roll musical send-up of sci-fi B movies and some of our greatest fears—dentists, aliens, and romantic rejection. It tells a serious message about the corrosive nature of compromise […]

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An Unbreakable Spirit

Skeesuck didn’t let his diagnosis deter him from accomplishing his goals, one of which was to attend college.