Series Campaign for the Sciences: Transforming the Future. Together.

Transforming the Future. Together.

Why is PLNU engaging in a Campaign for the Sciences? Learn the answer and why a new science center is absolutely vital to the university’s future.

Building a Legacy

The PLNU math and science faculty invested not only time but also themselves in developing programs of excellence.

Our Raison D’être

Meet 16 math and science alumni who represent why we do what we do.

If Walls Could Talk

BY GORDON CARRIER with SHARON AYALA In 2008, PLNU partnered with CarrierJohnson + CULTURE, a San Diego-based architecture and interior design firm, to facilitate design of what would be PLNU’s new science facility. Gordon R. Carrier, FAIA, the firm’s design principal, quickly understood this building would be different. This commission could not merely solve space efficiency issues or be limited to aesthetic imaging. It was clear this building required a larger story. We spoke with Carrier, who articulated his desire to seek a deeper meaning in this building, marking the beginning of a new era for PLNU. The existing buildings where PLNU students currently study scienc —Boney Hall and Rohr Science—were built when Cal Western University owned the land prior to PLNU. Both buildings were included in the sale when Pasadena College (now PLNU) purchased the land in 1973 and have served as the hub for a dynamic university science program ever since. A standout feature of the sciences at PLNU focuses on a balance between and dialogue around science and faith. We felt this building could display a meaningful role in this discussion, upholding the need for a state-of-the-art science building while representing the underlying tenets of PLNU. For the design team, the challenge lay in conceiving a building dedicated to teaching the sciences while respecting its context within a Christian university. The physical manifestation is a relatively simple concept—two walls and a roof of concrete, housing a cube of crystalline glass protected from heat and the glare of […]

Athletics: Summer 2014

PLNU Wins the NCCAA Men’s Basketball Title BY DANNY BARNTS At the end of every basketball season, there are only a handful of teams throughout the country that can call themselves national champions, and in 2014, PLNU is a member of that elite group, as the Sea Lions took down Grace College 75-73 in the NCCAA title game. This is the fourth NCCAA men’s basketball title for PLNU after winning three straight from 1984-87. The victory was the Sea Lions’ 20th of the season and fifth in a row. It is also the second time in Coach Bill Carr’s three seasons with PLNU that the Sea Lions have reached the 20-win plateau. The last victory of the season did not come easy for No. 4-seeded PLNU, which got all they could handle from tournament host and No. 7 seed Grace. The Sea Lions fought all 40 minutes and through a number of different Lancer comeback attempts to earn the NCCAA Championship. “I am very proud of these guys for sticking with it all year,” said Carr. “We had ups and downs and injuries. Just to get to this point and play for a national title is all you ask for from your players as a coach. And to actually get it done is something they will remember forever.” Grace started the game strong and had a five-point lead (28-23) with five minutes remaining before the Sea Lions found their rhythm on offense. PLNU would go on a 15-3 run to […]

Q&A with Jeff Youngren

Jeff Youngren graduated with a biology degree. Now, he and his wife, Erin, own photography businesses. Nevertheless, Jeff serves on the Research Associates board and is a passionate supporter of the Campaign for the Sciences. Q: How did you go from your biology degree to being a professional photographer? A: I was drawn to PLNU because I wanted to go to med school, and the program was amazing. So that’s why I started there. And then a few years in, it kind of became obvious that I didn’t really want to become a doctor. … I remember I was in a mock interview for med school, and it was the worst hour of my life. All of my professors were drilling me about why I wanted to become a doctor, and I realized that, actually, I didn’t want to. I graduated and did use my degree for a number of years. I did cancer research for a major bio-tech [Biogen Idec, Inc.] here in San Diego. During that time, I connected with the science department as an alumnus, and that’s why I am on the Research Associates board. [Then] I basically transitioned from science to art, kind of just following my passions. Q: How have you been involved in the Campaign for the Sciences? A: Erin and I both love being involved as alumni at PLNU, so it seems like we’re always over there for one meeting or another, grabbing coffee with one person or another. It started a year […]

Discovering My Passion

BY JASMINE MYLES Growing up, I was always fascinated with television shows about murder mysteries like CSI and Dr. G: Medical Examiner, as well as more lighthearted children’s shows such as Jimmy Neutron and Dexter’s Laboratory. I loved all the science aspects behind the shows, and I aspired to be a forensic chemist. So it’s no surprise that my life journey has led me to here, right now, learning about molecules and how they interact with one another; their applications in the world and living systems; and how I can potentially use them to further advance our understanding of the world. Because of my passion for science, I didn’t have even a moment of hesitation my sophomore year when the applications for chemistry research at PLNU were available; I was applying. The night I received my long-awaited acceptance email, I found out I was placed on Dr. Marc Perry’s research team, which has a major focus in the area of organometallic chemistry. I was definitely eager to begin. Participating in chemistry research has been both challenging and rewarding. I was able to jump right into a project, which involved performing cross-coupling reactions using the transition metal cobalt as a catalyst to combine molecular fragments that lead to the formation of new bonds. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was lost at first. I spent the entirety of the summer learning how to use the instruments I needed to carry out my experiments and, along the way, slowly grasping the concept behind what I […]