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Making a Musical: A Glimpse Into the Life of Hamilton Resident Director Hannah Ryan

{ SCENE 1 } Morning light breaks. Before getting ready for the day, Hannah Ryan (08) makes her way to her computer, where she edits notes she took from the previous night’s performance of Hamilton: An American Musical. On the subway ride to the theatre, she reads scripts for other projects she is developing. She arrives at the theatre for a “put-in” rehearsal, or dress rehearsal for new company members. The actors get into costume, after which she meets with them to go over dance…

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No Longer Isolated: Art Therapy’s Effect on Older Generations

Many older adults in our society are being diagnosed with psychological brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — and the number is growing. Many suffering with these illnesses also experience mental health stigma, a fear of being judged or misunderstood, which almost inevitably leads to silence, and even isolation. Over the last decade though, researchers have tried non-traditional therapy methods to assist patients in healing and connecting with others. Art therapy, a form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of self-expression…

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The Mystery and Power of the Creative Arts

Perhaps most of your experience with the creative arts stems from when you were younger, whether that was learning to play the piano after school, constructing a vibrant collage during art period, or studying British literature in college. Unfortunately, for many of us, that might be our only experience with the artistic world. As we grow older, some of us put aside the easel and metronome and stop participating — both as active creators and observers — in the creative arts. Erwin Raphael McManus, artist, author,…

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