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In Sickness & in Health: Handling Conflict in Marriage and Relationships

From the outside of the slowly spinning white fMRI scanning machine, she looked headless. One at a time, 16 different women laid down, each with the knowledge that if she saw a little red light, she might receive an electric shock to her foot or ankle, or she might not. Sometimes her husband would be beside her to hold her hand, and sometimes she would hold a stranger’s hand. The understandable apprehension and fear she felt might lessen, or increase. Psychologist Jim Coan of the University…

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Charlottesville: How to Heal

BY DR. ROB GAILEY The news coming out of Charlottesville, Va., was disturbing on many levels, but one piece of news made my body tense and my head spin. Reports were coming in that a car had plowed into a group of people who were marching in protest of the neo-Nazi and KKK event organized to assert a cultural supremacy in a nation blessed with vast diversity. As video footage of the car ramming into the crowd made its way online, I watched with horror…

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The Courage to Listen Well

You’re hiking along a shallow stream, green foliage to your left and right, sharp stones pressing through the soles of your boots. You spot a small log, and the urge to sit down takes over. Your legs ache. Just as you sit and toss your cumbersome backpack to the ground you hear something in the nearby brush. The sound, at first soft and muffled, solidifies into steps. You suddenly remember there are mountain lions in the area. You spring up as if called to attention.…

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