2021 Athletics Update

The 2020-21 school year is one unlike anyone has ever experienced, and that applies to PLNU athletics as well.

Ezekiel Campos: The People’s Person

Ezekiel Campos is all about people: How we serve them, learn from them, and how we, as people, love each other.

M’Lynn Martin: Answering the Call to Ministry

"At PLNU I fell in love with studying Scripture, and my life was shaped and formed deeply with each class I took and each side conversation I had with a professor."

Derrick Thames Brews Connection at BLEND Coffee in Dundee

Derrick Thames' Scotland-based coffee shop has all of the sustainable practices of a high-end roastery with one notable difference: it’s also where Thames preaches.

PLNU Alums Kickstart Sugar-Free Desserts Business to Help Diabetics

Two PLNU alums teamed up to create a sugar-free dessert business that allows those with diabetes to eat food they enjoy safely.