Bella Krassow in uniform

Bella Krassow Earns her Place as an Eagle Scout

The Boy Scouts of America opened membership to girls for the first time in 2018 and PLNU freshman Bella Krassow jumped at the opportunity.
Alvar lecturing

PLNU Professor Named Tactical Strength and Conditioning Practitioner of the Year

Brent Alvar was selected as the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Practitioner of the Year for 2020.
Helicopter on a runway

Q&A With Retired Firefighter Steve Shoemaker

Steve Shoemaker is a 1993 PLNU alumnus who worked for Cal Fire for 31 fire seasons before his retirement.
PLNU singers over zoom

Point Loma Singers Virtual Choir

Worship leaders, pastors, teachers, missionaries, lawyers, and 3 current PLNU faculty came together for this virtual choir.
People marching

Standing Together: Embracing Diversity and Opposing Injustice

PLNU students, alumni, faculty, and staff share thoughts on how we can combat racism, promote diversity, and honor each other.
A palm tree blowing in the wind

Navigating Trauma

Why we should work to process, listen, and speak to the traumatic moments that have unfolded in our lives or those of the people around us.
A bookshelf

Renate Chancellor and Social Justice in the Library Sciences

Law librarian Renate Chancellor explores the ways libraries play in a role in social justice and diversity.
Woman in facemask and PLNU t shirt

We Are Loma

At this significant moment in PLNU’s history, we need you to play an important role in helping the university thrive during these challenging times brought on by COVID-19.
Cummings and Botts talking

Ryan T. Botts: The Legacy of a Life Well-Lived

As we mourn the tremendous loss of Dr. Ryan Botts let us never forget that he made us all better with his kindness, generosity, selflessness, and love.
An African-American woman stands in church with her head bowed praying.

The Chapel Experience | Olivia Misouria

As PLNU chapel intern, Olivia Misouria combines her studies in psych and heart for ministry to help fellow students connect with God and one another.