A chef in a kitchen stirs an

PLNU Alumni Loma Talks: Food and Florals

PLNU alums share their passions in simple ways for anyone to try at home! From food to florals, be inspired to learn a new skill or attempt a new challenge.

Nathan Ing Breaks Down Film Industry Barriers as an Asian American...

Nathan Ing graduated from PLNU with a major in economics, a minor in finance, and a passion to pursue a career as an actor.
A large diverse family gathers together closely for a photo.

Full Hands, Full Hearts: Mother of 10 and Counting Has Found...

The road to a double-digit-sized family for Candy Woertman has been extremely challenging, incredibly rewarding, and a privilege to walk down as an expression of her faith.
A group of women sit on a couch and smilevideo

PLNU Alumni Loma Talks: Your Mental Health Matters

Hear from Lindsay Wilson of CULTIVATE: a Counseling Collective as she provides insight into navigating your mental health during this season.
PLNU professor Ben Cater speaks to students on a wooden dock.

Challenge and Promise in the Age of COVID-19: A Faculty Member’s...

PLNU's Ben Cater shares thoughts on the challenges COVID-19 poses for professors to teach, shape, and send their students.
Man pours coffee beans into a

Celebrating Unity Over DIY Cold Brew

Alums Brian Frey and Jon Runion share about the spaces they have created to bring people of all backgrounds together through coffee, church and community.

PLNU Student and Recent Grads Serve with COVID Care Force

Despite all it has taken away, the pandemic has also presented new opportunities to learn and serve for a group of PLNU students and grads.
Jarel tuning a piano.

In Tune: Piano Technician, Performer, and Educator Jarel Paguio

Jarel Paguio uses his unique blend of skills as a piano tuner and teacher to restore music in people's lives and allow them to play again.

The Steep Climb to Diversifying Superhero Comics

DC and Marvel have been increasingly innovative about diversifying its creators and its characters in recent years.
Two women reading a book

Giving in Times of Uncertainty

Seasons of uncertainty can increase our desire to find security and safety. However, it remains true that organizations and people are still in need.