Wes Sam-Bruce’s (07) reputation in the art field has been steadily increasing since he graduated from PLNU with his degree in art education. At first, he did his own art on the side while serving as a summer camp director in Yosemite and in the education department of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Although he enjoyed the combination of curriculum development, teaching, and outdoor experiences, he eventually decided to pursue art full time in 2009. Living as inexpensively as possible, Sam-Bruce began honing his craft and creating “a lot of art that had to do with humans’ search for meaning and purpose.” As an explorative individual, Sam-Bruce harnesses this curiosity into his art where he hopes to help people daydream, create, connect, and be inspired.

Take a peek at two of his latest art installations:

Adventure Forest

“Adventure Forest is a 500-ish foot long aerial adventure that invites you to climb, slide, and literally explore your way through a story where humans and the more-than-human world of creatures, plants, water, earth, and sky try to mend a fractured partnership. The installation opens spring 2019 at Children’s Museum Denver.”

Watch Now: The building of Adventure Forest.

Adventure Forest in the Snow by Ryan Shoemaker (17)

Watch Now: Inspiration that helped shape Adventure Forest.

Where the Questions Live

“Where the Questions Live is a curiosity-soaked, format-bending collaboration that investigates the interconnections of humans in nature and the mystery that ensues. The installation opens September 2019 at Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass. Visit wherethequestions.live to watch the project unfold.”

See more of Wes’ art and projects at: livethecuriouslife.com or on Instagram at: @wes_sam_bruce

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