Chris Hazell

Chris is a contributing freelance writer for Viewpoint Online.

The Re-Emergence of Poetry

In the last few years, poetry has enjoyed an astonishing re-emergence. Read about the ways people have connected with this creative medium and expanded how we define poetry.

PLNU’s Lori Carter Develops New Curriculum to Address the Ethics of a Tech-driven World

As our society continues to rely more and more on data, it's becoming increasingly important for people in technical disciplines to be conscious of the ethical implications.

Award-Winning Photographer Micah Albert Captures Beauty in the Midst of Danger and Suffering

Photojournalist Micah Albert is well-known for his work documenting critically important global stories — especially the ones that are difficult and dangerous to capture.

Julie Orr Helps Others Contemplate the Bible in the Midst of a Busy Life

PLNU alumna Julie Orr created a magazine focused only on scripture to help others interact with the Bible more amidst busy lives.

Marcos Mujica Works to Heal Creation Through Agrarian Craft

Marcos Mujica was driven to start Agrarian Craft by a calling from God.

Mike Strong ‘Beautifies’ Society Through Teaching High School Students

Mike Strong ‘beautifies’ society through teaching high school students, a PLNU alum who serves his community as a teacher.

Turning The Tide: Ensuring A World With The Ocean For Future Generations

The ocean is under threat, read about how carelessness is destroying God's creation, and what the rest of us can do to help.

Mamer Ajak Serves War-torn Communities in South Sudan

South Sudanese people have experienced war, displacement, and destitution more than they have peace. We catch up with PLNU alum Mamer Ajak and hear about the ways he is working to bring healing and wellness to his country.

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