Jordan Ligons

Jordan Ligons (16) is a former PLNU women’s basketball student-athlete and studied journalism and women’s studies. Currently, she’s a journalist for MOJO, a youth sports tech start-up, in Los Angeles, CA.

Maggie Valentine: Giving Voice

PLNU political science major Maggie Valentine aims to make a difference and fight the good fight while uplifting others along the way.

Rebecca Kendall Serves Sonoma County’s Homeless

It takes a village as Rebecca Kendall (07) gives back in a time of need and works to build community for Sonoma County’s homeless

MLK x 56 years

On May 29, 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. spent 11 hours in San Diego and journeyed to PLNU to give his speech titled “Remaining Awake through a Great Revolution.”

For the Love of the Game

If I had a relationship status for my current standing with my collegiate sport it would be: “It’s Complicated.” I’ve played in different basketball leagues trying to get my groove back after those peak Sea Lion years. Sometimes a busy work schedule pulls me away, but also, I’m tired.

Ready for More: The Historic Run That Was Just the Beginning

The campus was adorned in perfectly hued forest green and sunset gold while students and staff rallied and celebrated the truly victorious season that had come to an end. What a run.

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