Kellie Colunga

Kellie is a former staff writer for the Viewpoint magazine and contributing freelance writer.

Designing for Spaces and Community: If You Build It

When I walked into Moniker General for the first time, I didn't know that the space was built with a specific mission in mind....

Alumnus of Point Loma (APL) Award Winner: Michelle Shoemaker

Michelle Shoemaker (88) sat, deeply disturbed, as she listened to a local sheriff speak about the atrocities faced by the victims of human trafficking...

The Logical Approach: Learning to Disagree Agreeably

Imagine a group of friends gathered around a table — eating, talking, and enjoying one another’s company. As these friends discuss life, their conversation...

The Social Media Silo Situation

The year is 2016. The place, Facebook. A 30-something man is scrolling through his newsfeed when he sees the inflammatory headline of a news...

Athletics: Fall 2016

Leveling the Playing Field—Literally This summer, PLNU made “America’s Most Scenic Ballpark” even better. The Carroll B. Land Stadium has long been lauded for its incredible...

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