Kendall Boshart

Kendall Boshart is a 2016 graduate of PLNU and a former student-athlete. She graduated with a degree in journalism and is a freelance writer for the Viewpoint.

Dear 20s: A podcast dedicated to supporting those in their 20s

Recently graduated alums Beatriz Carias and Sierra Greene started a podcast called Dear 20s after realizing their post-college plans weren’t panning out.

In Tune: Piano Technician, Performer, and Educator Jarel Paguio

Jarel Paguio uses his unique blend of skills as a piano tuner and teacher to restore music in people's lives and allow them to play again.

Mending the Gap: How Sydney Dreves is pioneering in injury prevention as a female biomechanist

Sydney Dreves is determined to help athletes through her work and inspire other female researchers.

The Female Athlete Mission

The Female Athlete Mission (or The FAM as it’s more often referred to) is a blog and podcast founded by Natalie Lawrence to address the specific mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of female athletes.

Alum Trains NFL Star: Decker Davis and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

“It was the weirdest day of my life,” said PLNU alumnus Decker Davis on the day he was hired as the personal trainer for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

“A Whole New World” for Kaena Kekoa

A year after graduating PLNU, Kaena Kekoa (18) made her professional theater debut as Jasmine in Disney’s Broadway production of “Aladdin”.

Julia Glaser and the Record-setting Season

“Coach, I’m sorry,” said women’s soccer recruit Julia Glaser to head women’s soccer coach Kristi Kiely. “But you’re going to have to put up...

Farm to Cup: PLNU Alumni Doing Good Abroad Led to a Coffee Shop in San Diego

“Whenever you do something big you reach out to your community and friends, and that’s what we did here,” explained Mark Bell. The principal...

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