MJ Renner

MJ Renner is a psychology major at PLNU. They are the Writing & Research Assistant for Marketing and Creative Services.

Alums Jeff and Erin Youngren Offer Unique Gift to New Grads During COVID

Despite a modified graduation ceremony for the class of 2020, Jeff and Erin Youngren found a way to make the drive-up celebration special for all of the students who attended.

PLNU Alumni Help Students Travel the World From Home

Nueva Vista Language Academy’s Principal Joshua Herrera and Vice Principal Casey Rivas helped students travel the world from their homes.

PLNU Music Alumni Share Their Unique Careers

From composing scores to performing onstage, graduates of PLNU's Department of Music are using their degrees in diverse and fulfilling ways.

Bella Krassow Earns her Place as an Eagle Scout

The Boy Scouts of America opened membership to girls for the first time in 2018 and PLNU freshman Bella Krassow jumped at the opportunity.

Navigating Trauma

Why we should work to process, listen, and speak to the traumatic moments that have unfolded in our lives or those of the people around us.

Giving in Times of Uncertainty

Seasons of uncertainty can increase our desire to find security and safety. However, it remains true that organizations and people are still in need.

PLNU Alum Wins Military Writer of the Year

Meagan Christoph (14) knew she wanted adventure after graduating from PLNU with a B.A. in Journalism.

Advice from a Student-Poet

Here are some recommendations, resources, and encouragement for those wondering how to dive deeper into poetry as a reader or someone who wants to try their hand at writing it.

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