McKenna Themm

McKenna Themm (19) studied Literature and Writing. Currently, she's an MFA in Creative Writing graduate student, a writer for Circa Interactive, and a production editor for Poetry International.

The Importance of Human Connection in Palliative Care

Throughout his Army nurse career, Nick Pacella has discovered that the most important aspect of nursing is what connects us to each other: our own humanity.

The Navy Nursing Journey of CNS Joshua Womack

PLNU's Navy Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) program helped Joshua Womack launch the next phase of his nursing career.

The Heart of a Navy Nurse: Facing Challenges with Hope

While pursuing her nursing degree in PLNU's Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) program, Roberta Orozco was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Nathan Ing Breaks Down Film Industry Barriers as an Asian American Actor

Nathan Ing graduated from PLNU with a major in economics, a minor in finance, and a passion to pursue a career as an actor.

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