PLNU’s the Viewpoint publishes relevant and vital stories that grapple with life's profound questions from a uniquely Christian perspective. In addition to the content offered online, the Viewpoint print magazine is published three times a year in spring, summer, and fall.

Special Feature: PLNU Recipes

We know this has been a hard season, and that’s why we wanted to talk about something that connects us all: food. Here you will find recipes from students, campus clubs, and alumni that you can try out at home!

26th Annual Writer’s Symposium By The Sea – The COVID Edition

You didn’t think a global pandemic could K.O. the annual Writer’s Symposium By The Sea at PLNU, did you?

Cider Celebration 2020: Someday at Christmas

Point Loma Nazarene University’s Cider Celebration featured the Concert Choir, Extol, and other special acts sure to put you in the "Christmas Spirit."

Q&A With Retired Firefighter Steve Shoemaker

Steve Shoemaker is a 1993 PLNU alumnus who worked for Cal Fire for 31 fire seasons before his retirement.

Point Loma Singers Virtual Choir

Worship leaders, pastors, teachers, missionaries, lawyers, and 3 current PLNU faculty came together for this virtual choir.

Standing Together: Embracing Diversity and Opposing Injustice

PLNU students, alumni, faculty, and staff share thoughts on how we can combat racism, promote diversity, and honor each other.

We Are Loma

At this significant moment in PLNU’s history, we need you to play an important role in helping the university thrive during these challenging times brought on by COVID-19.

Ryan T. Botts: The Legacy of a Life Well-Lived

As we mourn the tremendous loss of Dr. Ryan Botts let us never forget that he made us all better with his kindness, generosity, selflessness, and love.

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