Wendy Cloherty

Wendy is a former editor of the Viewpoint magazine and contributing freelance writer.

Healing Police and Community Relationships

Game Changer and PLNU's Criminal Justice program bring together law enforcement and members of the general public to discuss problems and work towards more peaceful outcomes between the two groups.

Creating Connection Through Aira: An App for People Who Are Blind and Low Vision

Aira is a local start-up company transforming the way people who are blind, low vision, or experiencing age-related vision loss experience daily life and connection with others.

Everything Works Together: Kara Watkins Finds Her Call to Serve at PLNU

When she meets with her clients in the immigrant services department at Catholic Charities, Kara Watkins (10) doesn’t usually bring up her faith unless...

From College Roommates to PLNU Professors: The Story of Best Friends Jamie Gates & Rob Gailey

They sit next to each other in PLNU’s cafeteria: Jamie Gates, Ph.D., eyes gleaming, and Rob Gailey, Ph.D., smiling in a red shirt from...

Why Is Gen Z Disconnecting from the Church?

The decline in church attendance in the U.S. over the last few decades has been widely discussed and written about. Young adults who have...

What Disney Gets Wrong About Its Princesses and Heroines

How far has Disney come from its early days of promoting traditional and limiting gender roles? This is an especially potent question today at...

After Mass Tragedy: Moving Beyond Our Initial Response

In December 2017, the fires in Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego, California, were still burning when the vast majority of news...

Jordan Frye and Urban Rescue Return to PLNU: Feeling at Home

When Jordan Frye (08), lead singer of the band Urban Rescue, had a panic attack while surfing in the ocean — a sacred experience...

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