Border Pilgrimage | PLNU Ministry with Mexico


Border Pilgrimage is a unique, multi-day excursion in which PLNU students are able to explore and better understand their relationship to the San Diego-Tijuana border region.

Get a feel for what Border Pilgrimage is really like in the video below – with footage from PLNU environmental science student Jasmine El Bekraoui, as well as insight from PLNU staff and faculty trip leaders.

Learn More: Participate in a future Border Pilgrimage.

“Being part of Border Pilgrimage was such an eye-opening experience and really made me realize there [are] a lot of things that go on in our world that we are not informed on. Many of us tend to form these biased opinions when we don’t even know the whole story. Taking the time out of your life and seeking to understand the truth about a particular matter really changes your perspective and is a very humbling experience.”

— Jasmine El Bekraoui, Class of 2020, Environmental Science

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