Student on PLNU Loveworks trip looks out of a car and smiles.

30 Years of Sending: How LoveWorks and Spiritual Development have grown...

For 30 years, PLNU has sent students around the world on LoveWorks short-term mission trips. LoveWorks teams go only where they are invited and...
Drew Lasker

Drew Lasker: New Heights

At 35 years old, Drew Lasker (04) recently had the rare privilege of representing England in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and will be re-signing...
Jessica Bird

Wearing Masks in Order to Remove Them: Healing Through Show Business

In a theatre course on Laban movement techniques at PLNU, Jessica Bird (09) was asked to create a series of assignments based off of...
An old issue of the La Sierra magazine.

Looking Inside the 1914 La Sierra: A Peek at the Past

The package came in the mail. What was protected by the bubble wrap envelope? I quickly opened the envelope and discovered a small book....