Cross at Dusk

Reclaiming Sabbath

Despite culture's movement away from Sabbath observance, keeping the Sabbath has real and meaningful benefits. We look here at ways we might recommit ourselves to Sabbath practice.
Ashby Rauch Kidd APL Award Winner

Alumnus of Point Loma (APL) Award Winner: Ashby Rauch Kidd

Ashby Rauch Kidd’s (03) vision has taken her halfway across the world. In 2003, she founded Visible Grace (VG), a nonprofit organization that aims...

Fully Becoming Who We Are Called to Be

Parker J. Palmer refers to the human soul as a wild animal — an entity that’s “tough, resilient, savvy, self-sufficient, and yet exceedingly shy.”...

Bringing Play and Happiness to Children One Smile at a Time

Mark Wassmer and Matt Montell have a desire to serve communities by bringing health, wellness, and play to children — especially those from the poorest and most disadvantaged backgrounds.

In Sickness & in Health: Handling Conflict in Marriage and Relationships

From the outside of the slowly spinning white fMRI scanning machine, she looked headless. One at a time, 16 different women laid down, each with...


Our culture's messages and our own fears can contribute to stereotypes about aging that are quite contrary to a biblical view of growing older.
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The Necessary Skills for Success in Tomorrow’s Workplace

In order to be successful in the business world we’re often told to become more efficient, knowledgeable, and hardworking. This has especially been the...

Is Life Over After College? Recent PLNU Alumni Share About Life...

It seems like as soon as college freshmen walk onto campus the countdown begins: only four more years until they have to enter the real world.

Creating a Safe Space to Ask Ignorant Questions

This is the power of a dinner table – or a potluck or a lunch date. Every shared meal is an opportunity to broaden our understanding of people through respectful and unguarded conversation.

Jim DeSaegher: A Legacy of Literature and Love

The LJWL Book & Bake Sale sale became a special event – a place where students could gather, browse, enjoy a pastry, and expand their personal libraries.
David Phillips

Faculty Spotlight: David Phillips, D.Min.

In Apple Valley, Calif., a volunteer deputy sheriff heaved a sorrowful sigh before walking up to a house belonging to a family that had...

What is Bitcoin? A Simple Overview for Business-Minded Professionals

PLNU’s Fermanian Business and Economic Institute provides clarification about the strange world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as sheds light on some...