Wes Sam Bruce paints on an exhibit with a child helping paint.

Artist Wes Sam-Bruce Lives the Curious Life

Take a peek at two of Wes Sam-Bruce's latest art installations: Adventure Forest and Where the Questions Live.
A group of PLNU choir students sing near the oceanvideo

Experience: PLNU Concert Choir

Watch the PLNU Concert Choir perform Wene Wedwa, a traditional Zulu song that translates to "You Alone." Arranged by Daniel Jackson and filmed on the beautiful campus of PLNU.

Making a Musical: A Glimpse Into the Life of Hamilton Resident...

{ SCENE 1 } Morning light breaks. Before getting ready for the day, Hannah Ryan (08) makes her way to her computer, where she edits...

Faith and Hip-Hop: Lindsey Lupo’s Journey to Social Justice through Music

For Lindsey Lupo, growing up in the golden age of hip-hop meant a view into the power behind lyrics, stories, and speaking up about injustice – a perspective she now brings to her students at PLNU.

The Mystery and Power of the Creative Arts

Perhaps most of your experience with the creative arts stems from when you were younger, whether that was learning to play the piano after school,...

Behind the Lens: Destin Daniel Cretton

Storytelling and introspection is at the heart of everything that Destin Daniel Cretton (01) does. Whether it’s detailing the inner workings of a short-term foster-care...

The Restorative Power of Street Art

"The idea of being made in God’s image—that we were created and that we can create—is an incredibly powerful characteristic of being human,” said Dr....
Katie Murphy walks down the art department halls.video

Closer View: Human Centered Design // Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy (18) shares about her passion to help and connect people through graphic design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8jI7ocWRYI
Jessica Bird

Wearing Masks in Order to Remove Them: Healing Through Show Business

In a theatre course on Laban movement techniques at PLNU, Jessica Bird (09) was asked to create a series of assignments based off of...
online education

Is Higher Education as We Know It Finished?

In 2015, Kevin Carey, the director of the Education Policy Program at the New American Foundation, wrote the book The End of College: Creating...
Josh Miller Speakingvideo

Experience: The Love Of God // Josh Miller

Alumnus and worship leader Josh Miller (14) shares how his story has been shaped by the love of God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n8g3vqZL58 Related Article: Understanding God’s love transformed Stephanie Ruiz's...
Disney's Mickey and Mini Mouse participate in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

What Disney Gets Wrong About Its Princesses and Heroines

How far has Disney come from its early days of promoting traditional and limiting gender roles? This is an especially potent question today at...

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