Talking Point: Q&A with George Williamson

We sat down with PLNU’s director of worship ministries to discuss his views on effective worship and what he hopes students take away from...

The Gift of Time

Experienced caregiver Allyson Ledsam wants people to know the difference their friendships and time can make.
Corbin Small Fosters Community

A Ministry of Presence: Corbyn Small Fosters Community in His Own...

It was during a vision trip with Plant with Purpose to the Dominican Republic when Corbyn Small (08) began to hear God’s answer to...
Scott Weeman

From Addict to Disciple: One Man’s Story Out of Addiction, Darkness,...

Scott Weeman (17) pushed his beach cruiser against the unforgiving sand in Mission Bay, the water shimmering in the sun like a thousand silver...
Two couch chairs for the Writer's Symposium sit outside on a cliff edge.

Writing that Liberates: 2020 Writer’s Symposium By The Sea

Here’s what a colleague just asked me: “Has the Writer’s Symposium ever had a literary giant as big as Alice Walker?" It was a question that gave me pause, and it was great fun trying to think of an answer.
Montague Williams

A Word for the Exhausted

How the church has a unique opportunity and responsibility to be prophetic beacons of truth, lament, and repentance within a nation reeling from and protesting yet another set unjust deaths of black men and women.

Romani-Meets-World: Racing to Serve

After graduating from PLNU with a degree in athletic training, Nikki Romani (10), like so many students, began her pursuit of a graduate degree....
Jason David Slitter sits on the grass

A Story from Suffering to Hope: These Walls

Jason David Sluyter (11) can vividly recall the most difficult moment of his battle with cancer. After having 60 percent of his tongue and...

Fully Becoming Who We Are Called to Be

Parker J. Palmer refers to the human soul as a wild animal — an entity that’s “tough, resilient, savvy, self-sufficient, and yet exceedingly shy.”...
Urban Rescue Performing

On God’s Presence | Jordan Frye | PLNU Chapel

PLNU alumnus Jordan Frye (08) speaks at PLNU's Chapel on God's presence and love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKspDZvSOI4 Check out additional videos of Urban Rescue performing.

John Wesley on Homelessness and Poverty

In this issue of the Viewpoint, which focuses on homelessness, we have asked Mark Mann, director of the PLNU Wesleyan Center, to provide some...

Restoring the Past, Healing the Present

Last year, PLNU psychology professor Dr. Dan Jenkins was invited to preach at a Thanksgiving Day service. Considering what to share, he felt prompted...