The Rise of the Social Media Influencer

A relatively new phenomenon has been the rise of the social media influencer. A social media influencer is exactly what it sounds like: someone with significant influence over online followers.
Headshot of George Latter

PLNU Honors Retiring CFO

At this May’s Commencement, PLNU bestowed an honorary doctorate degree on George Latter, Jr., senior vice president of finance and CFO. Latter, who is...

Bringing Play and Happiness to Children One Smile at a Time

Mark Wassmer and Matt Montell have a desire to serve communities by bringing health, wellness, and play to children — especially those from the poorest and most disadvantaged backgrounds.

No — A “Work-Life Balance” Isn’t Possible and Here’s Why

It seems that life is getting harder and harder to balance, to make time for the many pressing and important demands on our life:...
two young girls hold hands and dance

From Hoops to Hope: The Story of Hope Leadership Academy

Growing up without a father in the home, Willie Briscoe started Hope Leadership Academy, a ministry that helps youth break the cycles of divorce, poverty, and hopelessness.

Women of Distinction: Jasmine L. Sadler

We've all had that feeling that maybe where we are in our careers could have been different had we taken a little more time...

Roots of Giving: A Time for Reflection

On a chilly Friday evening, students, alumni, and faculty members shuffled down Caf Lane during the Roots of Giving fair, passing tents selling handmade...
OBBEANS coffee

Farm to Cup: PLNU Alumni Doing Good Abroad Led to a...

“Whenever you do something big you reach out to your community and friends, and that’s what we did here,” explained Mark Bell. The principal...

Austin Donovan on Pursuing a Career with Intentionality

Austin Donovan graduated with bachelor degrees in finance and accounting in 2016. During most of highschool he had planned on majoring in engineering in college...
Mandy Arioto

Mandy Arioto: A CEO Who Inspires and Empowers

Mandy Arioto (00) is president and CEO of one of the country’s most influential parenting organizations, MOPS International. MOPS is a Christian organization that...

Business that Helps Communities Flourish

Business is the sole source of wealth creation in the world. According to Jeff Van Duzer, J.D., all other institutions are funded either through...
A group of businesspeople have an outside conversation.

Business as Mission: A Christian Response to Why Business Matters

“Profits are a means to an end, but not the end.” - Jeff Van Duzer According to an article in Forbes, eighty percent of 13-25...