In Sickness & in Health: Handling Conflict in Marriage and Relationships

From the outside of the slowly spinning white fMRI scanning machine, she looked headless. One at a time, 16 different women laid down, each with...
Illustration of People Talking at Table

The Courage to Listen Well

You’re hiking along a shallow stream, green foliage to your left and right, sharp stones pressing through the soles of your boots. You spot...

No Longer Isolated: Art Therapy’s Effect on Older Generations

Many older adults in our society are being diagnosed with psychological brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — and...

The Mystery and Power of the Creative Arts

Perhaps most of your experience with the creative arts stems from when you were younger, whether that was learning to play the piano after school,...

Changing the Game on Physical Education

George Velarde (94) recalled his first draw into the world of physical education. “I was a cross-country runner in high school, and I remember watching...

Habit-Making, Habit-Breaking

"By servitude to passion, habit is formed, and habit to which there is no resistance becomes necessity." - Augustine, Confessions Who hasn’t struggled to gain and...

How to Form Healthy Habits that Last

Trying out the latest fitness trends? Easy! Sticking to them? That’s the tough part. Whether you’re just beginning or well on your way toward...
Brandon Sawyer

Talking Point: Q&A with Brandon Sawyer, Ph.D.

Dr. Brandon Sawyer, assistant professor of biology and kinesiology, has been on faculty at PLNU since 2013. We sat down with him to find out...

Read to Succeed?

Reading fiction provides more than entertainment. Learn some of the helpful (and perhaps surprising) benefits of reading literature.

The Dangerous Consequences of Excessive Speed

Sometimes busy bites back. Brian Becker discusses some of the psychological and behavioral effects of living in a hurry.


Our culture's messages and our own fears can contribute to stereotypes about aging that are quite contrary to a biblical view of growing older.

Caregiving: The Challenge, Choices, and Love

Family caregivers face physical, psychological, and emotional challenges and many difficult decisions as they assist their loved ones. But there are also opportunities for deep joy and gratitude.

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