Outreach Clinic at Wesley Co-Op | PLNU Nursing

PLNU nursing students put their education into practice by serving the community.

Baseball and Biomechanics: Researching Injury Prevention for Pitchers

More than 70% of injuries in baseball are related to shoulder and elbow mechanisms. A PLNU research team is finding out which athletes are predisposed to these kind of injuries.
Val Christensen works in a lab with a PLNU student on an experiment

The Legacy of Valdemar J. Christensen

About a week before he died, Val was sitting in his living room easy chair, but not saying much. Raul was trying to talk chemistry with Val. “What’s the most electro-negative element in the Periodic Table?” he asked him.

Improving Health, 10,000 Steps at a Time

Where did the 10,000 step target come from? Who is it right for? What will (and won’t) taking 10,000 steps a day do for us?

Seeing Behavior Differently: Trauma-Sensitive Education

As I packed up my faculty office at Nazarene Bible College, I reflected on how my life had turned upside down in one short...
Dean Nelson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have a conversation at the PLNU Writer's Symposium.

Writing that Imagines: 2019 Writer’s Symposium By The Sea

The Writer’s Symposium By The Sea brings in top novelists, essayists, poets, journalists, songwriters, screenwriters and others each year to interact with our students...

From DEA Agent to Dedicated Disciple: Alfonso Esquer Brings Restoration to...

Alfonso Esquer, M.S.W., had been kidnapped, his head and face covered with a black bag. In total darkness, he waited for what he thought...

Jan. 1: Life Improvement. Check That Off!

I bought my Passion Planner the summer before my freshman year at PLNU, hoping that it would spark some transformation in my college life....

Minkyu Park: Indefatigable

Minkyu Park could have given up. He could have given in. But this May, he will graduate from PLNU debt free, ready to help...

Why Are We So Lonely? “Connection” at the Cost of Community

Things worsened. Dave Cummings, Ph.D., PLNU professor of biology, struggled to hold any food down, his body shaking, weak, and aching, head pounding. He...

Karen Woodmansee on Making a Change Mid-Career

Karen Woodmansee graduated from PLNU’s Master of Kinesiology in Integrative Wellness program in 2018. She originally started her career as an elementary school teacher,...
Josh Cypert

Josh Cypert: Reflecting the Light of God’s Love

Josh Cypert (18) grew up in the Visalia Church of the Nazarene. By fourth grade, he knew he wanted to be involved in missions...