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Illustration of People Talking at Table

The Courage to Listen Well

You’re hiking along a shallow stream, green foliage to your left and right, sharp stones pressing through the soles of your boots. You spot...
Tres Colinas

A Trek for Conservation

My summer research students and I have been heading up a long-term survey of the large mammals inhabiting the Talamanca cloud forest in Costa...
Jim Daichendt rides his bike during a triathlon.

Triathlon Training Gives Faculty Unique Bond

Training for triathlons together enhances the bonds between a group of PLNU faculty members and makes the pursuit of their careers and callings more meaningful and fun.
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PLNU Professor Named Nurse Educator of the Year

Professor Anna Montejano was recently recognized as one of four nurse educators of the year when she received the prestigious Nurse’s Touch Award from ATI Nursing Education.

Karen Woodmansee on Making a Change Mid-Career

Karen Woodmansee graduated from PLNU’s Master of Kinesiology in Integrative Wellness program in 2018. She originally started her career as an elementary school teacher,...

Christina Kelley Leads Nurses in Caring for Protestors

Throughout her career, Christina Kelley, DNP, RN, CNS (MSN 15, DNP 19) has always stepped up to meet challenges. She is currently a clinical...

The Valiant Work of Cybersecurity

Our traditional image of a superhero isn’t a duck-wielding computer science professor in glasses and a button-down shirt. But, as it turns out, that...

From RN to BSN: Allison Gold’s Journey of Vocation

Each day on my way to work, I call my mom just to hear her simple, loving words: “I hope you have a nice day.”...
Alvar lecturing

PLNU Professor Named Tactical Strength and Conditioning Practitioner of the Year

Brent Alvar was selected as the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Practitioner of the Year for 2020.

How to Support Native Species in Your Home Garden

An environmentally friendly yard doesn’t have to be barren. By choosing the right plants for your garden, you can make a positive difference for native species.

A Bear on the Loose: When Habits are Mindless and Stress...

Picture a grown man—husband, father, college professor—lying in his bed. The lights are off and the shades drawn, even though it is the middle...
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A Frightening New World? Contemplating The Role of Tomorrow’s Technology

A capacious laboratory swarms with workers in white overalls, their hands gloved with “pale, corpse-colored rubber.” There are several work tables inside, each accompanied...