Making Busy Matter

While the world beckons busy, the Bible suggests something different. This article looks at what we can learn from the life of Christ to refocus our time and our hearts.

Origins of Overload

Are we really as busy as we claim to be? And if so, why? Christine Spicer outlines a few sources of our stress.

The Great Food Fight: Local vs. Global

Some people say an avocado from the farmer’s market is better for the palate, the conscience, and the planet

Where the World Meets the Street

It’s in the mundane moments that the big picture becomes visible.

Bonds Without Borders

“La Posada” is a tradition that has been celebrated in Mexico going back as far as 400 years, where people go from door to...
Woman Holding Child

Adoption Stories: Adoption, Identity, and Race

Anne-Elizabeth Powell, associate professor of library science, has had to deal with a lot of assumptions over the years.

Performing Our Civic Duty in the Digital Age

I once volunteered for a presidential election campaign. Given a long list of names and phone numbers and a script, I called dozens of...

When the New War Comes Home

Retired Marine Staff Sgt. Obom Bowen, 34, has big plans. When asked what his dreams are for the future, he has them laid out...

The Unexpected Faces of Homelessness: Families with Children

Eight-year-old Jason is a friendly, outgoing boy with wavy blonde hair and a quick smile. His favorite subject is math, and he loves reading...
Chinese City at Night

Rising Influence: China and the World Economy

This year, China has overtaken Japan as the second largest economy in the world. By 2025 or 2026, it is likely to supplant the...

iMedicine: Drugs, Money, and Ethics

You can customize your music playlist. You can customize your ringtone, your restaurant order, your credit card image, your Facebook page, and even your...

To Spend or Not to Spend

The current economic state of our nation and world has created a lot of confusion. On the one hand, we are told that rampant...

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