Soil and earth simulation in hand on grass background

How Do We Live Like Every Day Is Earth Day?

How can we talk about sustainability in a way that motivates us to keep striving for better, while encouraging others to join us on...

Gen Z: A Generous Generation?

When it comes to giving, this young generation holds bright promise for making an impact and creating new means of addressing important issues.
People walk on the beach next to the US-Mexico border fence.video

Border Pilgrimage | PLNU Ministry with Mexico

Border Pilgrimage is a unique, multi-day excursion in which PLNU students are able to explore and better understand their relationship to the San Diego-Tijuana border region.

Healing Police and Community Relationships

Game Changer and PLNU's Criminal Justice program bring together law enforcement and members of the general public to discuss problems and work towards more peaceful outcomes between the two groups.
African Children Soccer Feet at Sunset

Breaking Poverty’s Cycles

What can we do in response to a global and local crisis? In September 2015, a photograph of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi's limp body on a...

Tales from the Border: Sacred Space

What is a sacred space? What does it look like? And where can you find these glimpses of heaven on earth? I am wholeheartedly convinced that the border between the United States and Mexico is a sacred space.

Origins of Overload

Are we really as busy as we claim to be? And if so, why? Christine Spicer outlines a few sources of our stress.
house on fire illustration

After Mass Tragedy: Moving Beyond Our Initial Response

In December 2017, the fires in Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego, California, were still burning when the vast majority of news...

Adventuresome Civility: The Brave Work of Finding Common Ground

This season is brimming with questions of who we are to each other — how we should relate to each other in the spaces...

Making Busy Matter

While the world beckons busy, the Bible suggests something different. This article looks at what we can learn from the life of Christ to refocus our time and our hearts.

Lauren Kim: Empowering Others to Reverse Poverty

“I want to be someone who people know they can be heard by, who is a voice for the voiceless. The international development major pushes me to personally step out of my comfort zone and into those places that aren’t fully served."

Why San Diego’s Polystyrene Ban Matters

Dave Gladson currently teaches Business 475: Sustainability in Action class at PLNU. In this class, we look at the changes individuals, companies, and nations...