Mother with Her Child

Adoption Stories: A Birth Mother’s Story

It must have been terrifying—being a 19-year-old sophomore at a conservative college in Oklahoma, a state away from family, and pregnant.

Alumni in Focus: Wes Bruce & Joel P. West

Two PLNU alumni are among an elite group of San Diego artsits to receive grants for innovative projects.
Carl Winderl

Faculty Spotlight: Carl Winderl, Ph.D.

"Apart from the fact that he is neither a woman nor a Catholic, Winder;'s unique life perspective adds a matchless voice as well as depth and dynamism to the genre."
Student In London

London Calling

"My desires to create, act, and write came to fruition during my experience in London. Who I was and what my talents were became questions that began to blossom within me."

Analytically Adventurous: Maria Zack

If positive influences on the strategic vision and day-to-day operation of PLNU were charted, one variable would stand out. Around campus, we call her...

Autism in Real Life

Their families have been touched by autism, and they want to share their stories with you. Read on to find out about just a...

Giving Voice

Juliette Singler, D.M.A., associate professor of music, has a gift for song. “Her voice is gorgeous,” said Cristina Pacheco (07), PLNU alum and choir...

Jeremy Brooks: On a Mission to End Intolerance

Jeremy Brooks is an artist and an intellectual. He describes himself as an “old soul” and says that he is something of a film...

A Fighting Spirit

Eddie’s feet pounded the pavement in quick succession as he jogged home from the high-risk youth day camp he attended after school. He didn’t...
Chloe Sparacino

Freedom Found

As a kid, I felt intense terror every night when it started getting dark outside. Scared of going to bed, I was jumpy and...

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