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Black and in Medicine: Giving Voice to the 5 Percent

Mitchell Prins used his artistic ability to co-create Voices of the 5%, an art exhibit that celebrates current and future Black physicians.

The Healing Power of Food: Alumni Using Food to Better the...

PLNU alumni Taylor Johnson-Gordon, Jennifer Nemeth, and Alison Patt have all built careers aimed at improving people’s lives and health through food.
The Inamori scholars smiling

Kyoto Prize and PLNU

PLNU is once again participating in the 20th annual Kyoto Prize Symposium March 24 and 25, only this time it will be in a...
A woman in a pink shirt smiles at Machu Pichu

Susan M. Sutton Clawson: “Sunshine” in the Darkness

Susan M. Sutton Clawson's passion for serving and protecting people is daily activated through her work as an international trauma psychologist and public health advisor.
A group of DUINS students stand outside a hospital

The Importance of Human Connection in Palliative Care

Throughout his Army nurse career, Nick Pacella has discovered that the most important aspect of nursing is what connects us to each other: our own humanity.
Jacob Mitchell smiling

PLNU Alum Jacob Mitchell Finds Purpose Creating COVID-19 Tests

In August of 2020, Jacob Mitchell found a rewarding occupation developing effective and affordable COVID-19 tests.
Elias smiling

The Upstream Approach: Elias Escamilla

What Elias Escamilla appreciated most about PLNU was the person-first care for students. Now, as a nurse in mental health, he's providing the same deep level of care to his patients.

Erika Weisdorfer: Engineering Good

While she was a student at PLNU, Erika Weisdorfer felt a calling to use her engineering physics degree to help others.
Womack in uniform with other sailors

The Navy Nursing Journey of CNS Joshua Womack

PLNU's Navy Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) program helped Joshua Womack launch the next phase of his nursing career.
Orozco in uniform

The Heart of a Navy Nurse: Facing Challenges with Hope

While pursuing her nursing degree in PLNU's Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) program, Roberta Orozco was diagnosed with advanced cancer.
Alvar lecturing

PLNU Professor Named Tactical Strength and Conditioning Practitioner of the Year

Brent Alvar was selected as the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Practitioner of the Year for 2020.
A palm tree blowing in the wind

Navigating Trauma

Why we should work to process, listen, and speak to the traumatic moments that have unfolded in our lives or those of the people around us.