Alumni in Focus: Wes Bruce & Joel P. West

Two PLNU alumni are among an elite group of San Diego artsits to receive grants for innovative projects.

Jared Callahan: Taking Back Sabbath

Jared Callahan is one alum who decided to take Sabbath seriously.
Carl Winderl

Faculty Spotlight: Carl Winderl, Ph.D.

"Apart from the fact that he is neither a woman nor a Catholic, Winder;'s unique life perspective adds a matchless voice as well as depth and dynamism to the genre."
Student In London

London Calling

"My desires to create, act, and write came to fruition during my experience in London. Who I was and what my talents were became questions that began to blossom within me."

Road to Graduation

See Commencement through the eyes of 2012 graduate Liz Green.
Ben Foster Receiving Award

Athletics: Summer 2012

The Sea Lions say goodbye to two coaches and the NAIA.

Technologically Yours: Is Technology Redefining Our Relationships?

We are becoming cyborgs in our relationships. Before you dismiss me as crazy or go searching for an implanted computer chip, check your pocket or...

Performing Our Civic Duty in the Digital Age

I once volunteered for a presidential election campaign. Given a long list of names and phone numbers and a script, I called dozens of...

Is Technology Scrambling Our Brains?

You might be less likely to finish reading this article if you have an iPhone. And it’s not because I’m about to start bashing...

When the New War Comes Home

Retired Marine Staff Sgt. Obom Bowen, 34, has big plans. When asked what his dreams are for the future, he has them laid out...