A PLNU student works on a project from home.video

A Day in My Life as a Virtual PLNU Student |...

As PLNU students transition to a semester of virtual classes, they are finding ways to maintain balance and stay connected with others, while continuing their studies.

How to Support Native Species in Your Home Garden

An environmentally friendly yard doesn’t have to be barren. By choosing the right plants for your garden, you can make a positive difference for native species.

Mending the Gap: How Sydney Dreves is pioneering in injury prevention...

Sydney Dreves is determined to help athletes through her work and inspire other female researchers.
Two surfers walk towards the waves from the beach.video

Fellowship Through Vulnerability | Will Allen

Will Allen questioned whether college was right for him. But the PLNU community he found along the way not only let him to stay, but use his story to grow that community for others as well.
A navy ship sits a bay during sunset

DRCs and Pervasive Hope

Yvette Currie is a licensed marriage and family therapist who shares her story as a deployed resiliency counselor (DRC) with the Navy.
Burned matchsticks with one stopping the spread of the flame illustrate the effectiveness of social distancing on the spread of a virus like COVID-19.

Social Distancing and Social Justice

It might feel counter-intuitive, but self-isolating is perhaps the most compassionate way Christians can love our neighbors right now. 
Contemplate Magazine

Julie Orr Helps Others Contemplate the Bible in the Midst of...

PLNU alumna Julie Orr created a magazine focused only on scripture to help others interact with the Bible more amidst busy lives.
An ornate European building

Lessons in Global Empathy During a Global Pandemic

Traveling abroad while our world entered a global pandemic inevitably caused me to redefine my experience of global empathy.

A Stolen Farewell: Leaving Rwanda

With what seemed like an overnight spread of COVID-19, Brandon Walsh and his family were faced with a series of difficult choices in their effort to serve the church and stay safe.
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Editor’s Note on COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, our commitment to you as our students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, supporters, and friends is unwavering.