Join us as we hear from Lindsay Wilson (10), LMFT & Co-Owner of CULTIVATE: a Counseling Collective here in San Diego, as she provides insight into navigating your mental health during this season. 

Wilson shared with us, “As I reflect on the one thing I have been saying to clients (and to myself) over and over again during this time in the midst of unknowns, grief, and worry is simply this: Your hard IS hard. No explanation or comparison is needed. You can both be feeling grateful and hurting all at the same time. Put another way- no ones ‘harder’ circumstance needs to diminish what feels particularly difficult or painful for you in the midst of this global pandemic.”

“I have been coming back to this quote by Brene Brown the last few months, ‘It’s okay to be safe, have enough food, be with the people you love and still be disappointed. Denying your disappointment doesn’t make you more empathetic, it makes you less because we have to own our feelings, no matter how big or small, in order to be empathetic.’ Practically, how can we practice empathy with ourselves? We have to name it to take it and feel it to heal it!”

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