Kim Berry Jones, Director of the Center for Justice and Reconciliation (CJR) at PLNU, had the opportunity to sit down with Miles McPherson, senior pastor at the Rock Church, to talk about her ongoing journey to unpack her internalized racism. Recognizing her complicity in a system that perpetuates racism in our country, Kim discusses the steps she is taking to listen and learn.

“I think that many of us (white people) are afraid to look at the issue of racism. We equate a racist with a bad person, and we end up missing the point. There are ways that each of us have benefited from racism in our system, and things we have each done that fail to acknowledge how white-centered our world is, and how that harms people of color. If we can stop and listen and open our hearts to learn, the blinders start to come off. What is underneath, hopefully, is a growing realization, a lamenting of our complicity and a confession to do better. And in that space there is great beauty, and grace and freedom. It’s a difficult, yet beautiful place of connection. A place where we can truly understand the Imago Dei in each of us – each of us made in the image of God.”

The CJR team continues a journey together to peel back the layers of racism that hide behind white privilege, including working through Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad.

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