At this significant moment in PLNU’s history, we need you! Since 1902, PLNU has been sustained not only by its leaders, but by its alumni and friends. Through the years, university supporters have paid the mortgage, stocked the cafeteria, and even moved the university.

Now, we are relying on you to play an important role in helping the university thrive during these challenging times brought on by COVID-19. Our community is stronger than ever. We are moving forward together in ways that are creative, bold, supportive, innovative and authentically Loma.

The gifts raised in this season of extreme uncertainty will likely be considered some of the most important gifts the university will receive in its history.

Please join us in supporting the Loma Relief Fund

The Need

Although there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the financial impact of COVID-19, the university’s costs and lost revenue total approximately $30 million. This amount is significant, but we believe PLNU can remain strong and healthy – because of your support.

$30 million financial challenge (as of September 2020)

  • $12.3 million estimated for decrease in enrollment and additional financial aid 
  • $1.7 million in lost revenue due to canceled camps and conferences
  • $3 million invested in technology for classrooms, medical supplies, modifications to facilities, and PPE
  • $9.8 million in fall room and board refunds
  • $3.2 million provided to students through a 10% net tuition discount for the fall

Our Commitment

In 2020, some things look different, the most important things remain the same. 

With your help, PLNU continues to:

  • Provide an excellent academic experience 
  • Offer a rich and diverse student life experience 
  • Support students’ spiritual development and financial needs
  • Ensure our campuses are safe and effective learning environments

Why Give?

PLNU’s mission is still vital. The world needs our graduates – and they need us. During this season, PLNU is providing engaging academics, intentionally cultivated care, and a healthy and safe community. Your gift enables us to continue this work and will provide for the future of the university and our students.

Your gifts will help students affected financially by the pandemic and will help fill the $30 million gap. Together, we can make a difference.

Some of PLNU’s supporters speak to the reasons they chose to give while current students offered the ways these contributions will help them succeed.

Dave and Kathi Kietzke

“We both instantly felt His presence and assurance that giving to the Loma Relief Fund is what we should do. We feel so blessed to be able to do this at this time for this purpose. This is right. May God greatly multiply this gift and use it for purposes that never existed in our thinking before. He has a plan. He is going before us all. He will provide.” 

Don and Caroline Cotten and Family

“Our concerns are enormous for PLNU. Throughout the years our family has supported the undergraduate and graduate programs, yet the financial needs are more now, than ever before.  Please support Loma Relief. We really need your support. Our family thanks you.”

Ken and Karen Baruth

“Since our daughter graduated from PLNU, we have enjoyed learning and supporting a variety of programs on campus with gifts that could be maximized through our corporate matching policy. However, this year’s events have required us to focus on basic needs and that is why we are honored to direct our gift to Loma Relief.”

Bob and Adonna Gipe

“Bob and I have discussed many times how thankful we are for Point Loma, where students can receive an education from the best professors, whose training and character are first class. We firmly believe this is a God-established and God-honoring place and if there is any way we can help students continue to attend this kind of exceptional university, we are happy to do so. There is SO much more to be gained here than simply a first-rate education. The friendships established endure for a lifetime and are priceless. The experiences are the best foundation for weathering life in a crazy world and I only wish everyone could attend a school like this. We are continually blessed from our own years at Pasadena/PLNC and it is a blessing to be able to help a little at this critical time.”

Tiffany (Current PLNU student)

“Point Loma Nazarene University has been my dream school since my freshman year of high school, and I could not be here without the financial support you have so graciously provided. Unfortunately my first year at PLNU was cut short, but I have already seen myself grow immensely. PLNU has provided opportunities to help me discover who I am called to be as a college student and disciple of Christ.”

Magdiel (Current PLNU student) 

“Our family situation has been directly affected by this pandemic that has turned our homes upside down. This help I receive is going to bring some financial relief and of course it has given me and my family a reason for joy. Expressions like these motivate me to keep going knowing that there are people who are willing to accompany me on this academic journey. Thank you very much!”

Give Today

The gifts raised in this season will likely be considered some of the most important gifts the university will receive in its history. The students of PLNU will need the support of our entire PLNU family to come back fully from this crisis. 

Please make your gift to the Loma Relief Fund at or by calling (619) 849-2302. We thank you in advance for partnering with us.

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