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PLNU Alums Kickstart Sugar-Free Desserts Business to Help Diabetics

Two PLNU alums teamed up to create a sugar-free dessert business that allows those with diabetes to eat food they enjoy safely.
A PLNU student takes a photo with Elizabeth Warren

Maggie Valentine: Giving Voice

PLNU political science major Maggie Valentine aims to make a difference and fight the good fight while uplifting others along the way.
People at a cafeteria with protective shields

Alumni Family Business Manufactures Vital PPE

Dave Kietzke (77) and his sons, Brent (05) and Jeremy (03), run Professional Plastics as a family and are currently helping to manufacture PPE.
Two women chatting

Is Your Money Aligned With Your Values?

Financial planners Kevin Christensen and Anna Viettry offer an interactive workshop with strategies on aligning your time, spending, investing, and giving with your values.

PLNU Alum Wins Military Writer of the Year

Meagan Christoph (14) knew she wanted adventure after graduating from PLNU with a B.A. in Journalism.

Beautifully Bookish Bethany: An Unexpected YouTube Career

PLNU alum Bethany Pullen was inspired to create a YouTube channel driven by her love of reading.
A man plants crops in a large garden

Marcos Mujica Works to Heal Creation Through Agrarian Craft

Marcos Mujica was driven to start Agrarian Craft by a calling from God.
Mamer Ajek and Family stands for a photo

Mamer Ajak Serves War-torn Communities in South Sudan

South Sudanese people have experienced war, displacement, and destitution more than they have peace. We catch up with PLNU alum Mamer Ajak and hear about the ways he is working to bring healing and wellness to his country.
One of painter's groups

Jessica Painter Fights Loneliness by Connecting Women to Community

When Jessica Painter moved to Calgary, Canada she found herself far away from home with a much, much smaller social circle. It was a huge change, to say the least.
Meghan Parsons stands in front of a classroom.

Meghan Parsons: Digital Marketing Master

Meghan Parsons decided that if she was going to be the best she could be in her field, she needed to go back to school and earn her MBA. She found her fit in PLNU's Evening MBA program.

Ben Maiava Ignites the Goals of Others at Passion Planner

At Passion Planner, Ben Maiava is able to combine his creative and problem-solving skills to help people plan for the future, reflect on the past, and act on the present.
A group of female athletes huddle up to talk

The Female Athlete Mission

The Female Athlete Mission (or The FAM as it’s more often referred to) is a blog and podcast founded by Natalie Lawrence to address the specific mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of female athletes.